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A breath of fresh air

Posted on: 10.05.2012

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I committed to writing every day for 31 days.  When I signed up, I knew it would be challenging. I knew I would probably flounder a little bit. I knew there was a good chance I'd write something that made absolutely no sense to anyone.  But I did not expect to encounter so many attacks.  Not the human type, of course, but the spiritual type. In the last five days, I feel like I have been sifting through some pretty thick sludge in my heart. I've also been burdened with a lot of self-depreciating thoughts about my past. Some of the very reasons why I have chosen this topic have painfully resurfaced in my memory to make me feel ill qualified to write about this.  

This is precisely why I should keep writing. (right?)

Anyway, today I'm going to focus on objective beauty. But instead of writing a truly thought-out and self-actualized post, I am going to focus on objective beauty found in nature.  The understanding of this kind of beauty has been helpful to me in learning how to apply it to the realization of my worth.

Objective beauty is beauty that exists apart from any beholder.  It doesn’t need to be perceived or interpreted to be beautiful: it simply is beautiful.  The easiest way for me to see this is in the beauty of creation. A glimpse of a radiant star-lit sky, the powerful waves of a deep blue ocean, a field of vibrant wildflowers all exemplify this type of beauty. 

How does this translate to human characteristics? What is objectively beautiful in me that I can account for in my sense of value?  … These are the questions I am mulling over today.

Meanwhile, take a peek at these:



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