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Social networking culture

Posted on: 11.26.2012

Even though I have grown up in the initial technologically-based social networking era {say that five times fast…} I created a myspace account (so embarrassing!) when I was 15, then switched to facebook at 17. That same facebook account is the one I use today.

On facebook I am connected to “friends” from basically every chapter of my life. I’m connected with old elementary school friends, elementary school teachers, jr high friends, high school friends, college friends, church friends (from all churches I’ve attended at all ages), family friends, extended family, immediate family, old acquaintances, new acquaintances, coworkers, and even my previous managers! My goodness.

I don’t think there has ever been a group of people I’ve known with whom I have been inauthentic. It’s just that different settings bring out different facets of my personality. . . and this definitely causes issues when I go to post any sort of “status” update.  Before I post, I start thinking about alllllllllll the people who can read it, which kind of freaks me out. So I usually delete whatever comment I was going to make.

Is this the case for anyone else out there? Or am I just way overly analytic? 


  1. I find myself doing nearly same thing constantly and truly wondering if im being over analytic as well. Although the thought process that generally leads to my "lack of posts" Is something of a rabbit trail. I find that when addressing large crowds, (Facebook being a potentially large one) I have a subconscious yearning to write something "profound" or a little deeper than the average "truth is?" And when I commence in to writing something that took enough of my own thought for me to deem it "worthy" of provoking thought in others, my mind starts into a trakt of other things I find pertinent or influential to the subject and thus "must" added to the previous text. Consequently, after I have added the additional thought, I essentially start the whole process over again and again until i realize that my "thought" has become to naked a showing of my own personal feelings and thoughts to be released to a large audience. Sadly by this point i have become so attached to the thing as a whole i cant bring myself to only post a small portion of it. Thus my wall becomes a rather shallow series of lame posts with scattered dates ranging from weeks to months appart.

    So from my point of view your definitely not being overly analytic, and if you are... Your not alone.

  2. I loved your comment Forrest! I'm so glad we can relate on this topic. I would never have known you felt the same! :-)

  3. I'm more on the other end - I usually type and publish before I think it through - but then I figure, most of the time, if they don't like it, they don't have to be my friend. Not trying to be harsh - and I do filter better now than I used to do.

    1. I actually like that you post things on facebook that are authentically "you." Sometimes I'll see posts that you write and think "sheesh I wish I was that gutsy!" :)


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