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My struggle with objective beauty.

Posted on: 10.06.2012

Identifying objective beauty in myself is where I feel the least confident. This is the part where I have to admit that I haven’t been able to yank out all the deep-rooted, insecurity-producing lies that I have cultivated for so long.  This is something that is still a struggle for me. So instead of coming up with an all-inclusive list to describe what is beauty and what is not {as if I could ever do that!!} I am simply going to name one thing that I think is objectively beautiful.  This is a characteristic that I hope I have: perseverance.

The display of beauty in perseverance isn’t a serene, glowing look.  When I look into the face of perseverance, I see deep, cavernous folds in weathered skin: ragged, scarred and sweaty. When I look at the hands and feet of perseverance, I see blisters and calluses some new, many old.  When I look at the knees of perseverance, I see the dirt and misshapenness of frequent use.  The whole figure of perseverance isn’t upright at all: it is lying on its side, wrapped around the foot of the cross, every ounce of strength dedicated to holding on.  But the eyes of perseverance hold something remarkable: a spark of joy and a flood of focus.

This is beautiful. 

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