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The Sunday Currently {nine}

Posted on: 4.28.2013

If you happened to stop by Chapter Twenty earlier in the day you may have noticed some crazy theming going on. Renovations, you know, sometimes look worse before they look better... hopefully every misplaced gadget is in its proper place now. (Fingers crossed!)


Reading: I'm still working on The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien.  I only get through about one chapter (if that) each night before my eyelids just will NOT stay open. 

Writing: Some emails and thank you notes in addition to this post.

Listening: to silence... just little background noises like the refrigerator hum and the occasional car drive by the house. 

Thinking: about my homework for my FPU class in a couple hours. I guess I'd better get crackin' on that! 

Smelling: potting soil. It's currently all over our back porch so the scent kind of wafts in through the windows. 

Wishing: That tomorrow was another Sunday. 

Hoping: to get a chance to talk to a couple friends this week! And also that my cat's lab work comes back with a good report... I had to take her to the vet yesterday and they are doing some (expensive!!!) blood work to check for cancer. :-( 

Drinking: water. :)

Loving: warmth! 

Wanting: to take a nap this afternoon. 

Needing: To decrease my caffeine intake. I think I've reached the point where it isn't doing anything good for me anymore! I should at least take a coffee hiatus. 

Feeling: A little down today, actually. It's life. 

Clicking: through unread emails and blogs.

Linking up with Lauren today. See all the other Sunday Currently link-ups on her blog. 


  1. I love your new blog look! It's really beautiful and clean. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling a little down. Oh man have I been there for the past few weeks. Funks are no fun, and I feel like as women we're prone to getting them every so often, more so than men. (Hormones? I don't know). Anyway, feel better, and also good luck on your caffeine intake! I recently totally switched from coffee to tea and am loving the change. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with how it turned out. "Clean" is exactly what I was going for, so I'm glad it met the goal! I think you're right about women being prone to having these low phases perhaps more often than men. I always struggle with just letting myself feel low knowing I'll come out of it without trying to rationalize the low-ness away. (As if that ever works!) ;)

  2. Oh no, I hope that your kitty is okay! Hopefully she is cancer-free. I have a cat, too, and sometimes it's hard not knowing what's wrong when she's sick. :( Fingers crossed for good luck!

    1. Thank you! I am trying not to worry overmuch about it, but it's kind of hard not to dwell on the possibility. I am SO attached to that little fur ball! Thank you very much for your empathy! :)

  3. I can't IMAGINE taking a coffee hiatus... but I probably need to cut down :/ fingers crossed and much love for you and your kitty!

    1. Every time I cut coffee, I wind up getting terrible headaches... which demonstrates just how much I depend upon it! It's hard to cut it out when I not only like the energy, but also the flavor. I think a lot of people are that way...
      And thank you so much! I still haven't heard anything from the vet. I'm really hoping it's nothing!

  4. I love your blog redesign! It looks great. Also, I've taken a coffee hiatus before, & while it was difficult, it really made my intake more moderate. I usually have one cup each morning now, & before, I was drinking at least three cups a day [wayyyy too much!].

    1. I agree! When I was in college I would always take a coffee break when I was on vacation and it frequently shocked me to find out how dependent upon it I had become during the semester... Now, though, life isn't made up of semesters! So it's hard to find the right time to take a step back from it. :)

      And thank you! I was getting so annoyed with the constant little tweaks and fixes that my self-made blog design required, that I bit the bullet and got a design by blogmilk that's much more "me" anyway! I'm happy to hear that others like it too!


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