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Sunday Currently {One}

Posted on: 2.03.2013

A photo I snapped while I was out exploring the other day. We once had some exchange students who asked us if we live in the "wild wild west" to which my mom replied after a few moments of chuckling "I guess we do!" :-)

I'm joining Lauren for the first time today in her weekly "Sunday Currently" series.


Reading:  Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. I began reading it early this week but then I got distracted by other things! I may end up putting this book on hold until I can dedicate time to it. I've been very interested in reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, but I haven't been able to find it in any nearby bookstore. I'll probably order it from Amazon this week. 

Writing: A to-do list for the day! Very exciting stuff.... 

Listening:  to a humongous raven squawking just outside my window. Those birds freak me out.  

Thinking: about Chris Kyle the former Navy Seal who was killed at a gun range yesterday. My brother read his book American Sniper (I gave it to him for Christmas) and was very impacted upon hearing of his death. We've been praying for Chris' family this morning and our flag is at half mast in his honor. 

Smelling: a combination of the tangelo I'm eating and the coffee I'm drinking. 

Wishing: that I had been able to get a bit more sleep last night.  I'm not feeling quite up to par this morning and I'm preparing to host some company today. (I've brewed a little extra coffee this morning in order to make it through!) 

Hoping: to find a few more potential jobs to pursue this week. There haven't been many recently and I'm trying very hard to be proactive in my job search!  

Wearing: dark jeans, brown boots, and a blue sweater. :) 

Drinking: coffee! As I said above. I think it will be my beverage of choice for today in its entirety. 

Loving: my sweet little nephew(ish) who might be visiting today! {If you're curious about the "-ish" it is there because he is my cousin's son, not my sister's. But she is someone who is as close to a sister as I can get so her son is my honorary nephew.}

Wanting: to be more intentional about my time in devotions this week. Sometimes it's easy for me to push that out of my schedule when my day fills up. 

Needing: a haircut! I've been saying that for a few weeks now, though, so we'll see if it actually happens this week. 

Feeling: a little bit under-the-weather. I'm still recovering from a bad cold, but I'm much better now than I was this time last week! 

Clicking: on this article from last year and this article from last week written by Steven Crowder about marriage. His boldness and sense of humor is amusing! I like what he says too.


  1. Bring on the job searches, right?!?! I'm hoping that I find a few more this week, too!

    I hope you start feeling a lot better. I know what it's like to be under the weather... it's been happening a lot for me recently. Lots of water and lots of rest! :)

    1. Ohhhhh Job searching... It's quite the experience! One that I will be happy to be done with. :)I hope your search goes well this week! Thanks for stopping by! I am going to read your blog now. (I love your title, "like ordinary life," it seems highly relate-able.)

  2. I LOVE those two articles by Steven Crowder. Thank you SO much for sharing them!! He has such a rare perspective, especially coming from a man, and I'm so so so encouraged by these articles. I may have to blog about these this week (and give you a shout-out in the process!).

    Welcome to Sunday Currently! Loved this first post. :)

    1. I am so glad you like them! I seriously love his expressions: "they're wrong, I win!" He just cracks me up! I think they tie in wonderfully with the topic you posted through the Tiger Print Blog (Which I love, by the way.) And I would love a shout-out from you. I respect how you write with such integrity and honesty. It is a joy to read your blog!

    2. Natalie, you're so kind! Thank you. So much. This feedback made my day. :)

  3. so happy to have you linking up with the sunday currently this week - it makes my day that this little blogging community is growing. :) by the way, do you have a twitter account? i like to tweet all the sunday currently posts each week, & i'd love to be able to include you in that way. let me know!

    i feel your pain with the job search. i'm trying to be proactive as well - it's hard sometimes, though, not to get down on myself, but my husband has been supportive & i'm thankful for that. i'm praying something comes along for both you and me soon! we've got this!

    i need a haircut soooo badly. hopefully i'll be able to get on that this week.

    hope you have a good one!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading it! And thank you, also, for hosting the blogging community! It was (is, and will continue to be) so fun to join. I do have a twitter account although it is mostly just another way for me to post my instagram pictures... my username is natalieap126.

      I know that so many people are in our same situation job-wise! And I totally get how hard it is not to take everything personally. I've had to take a couple breaks just to sit back and remember that my resume is not a complete representation of my value as a person! I really hope that something comes along for both of us soon,and that we'll have patience and peace in the meantime. :)

  4. Yay welcome to the Sunday Currently!!! Your outfit sounds adorable!!! And horray for another coffee lover!
    I also love to-do-lists =) devotions can get pushed to the side, but it's always good to refocus and pull them to the forefront. Good luck getting your haircut in, it feels so fresh when you do! So happy to have found your blog!

  5. And yay, I'm your newest follower!!!

    1. Thank you! I am so glad I joined this week and I'm excited to keep it up! I just finished looking through your blog and am happy to say that I'm your newest follower too. :)


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