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Value and Beauty - and a flow chart.

Posted on: 10.04.2012

So here’s a little disclaimer:
I recognize that there is a difference between value and beauty.

I also recognize that such a distinction must be explained using a hand written flow chart: {Or I may just miss creating these on a regular basis…}

But seriously, there is a difference between these two, and I think it’s one that is largely ignored.  In my experience, at least, it seems like a common thought is “If I’m beautiful (subjectively) then I’m valuable.  But if you’ll refer to the flow chart ;) you’ll see that there is NO LINE between the “value” bubble and the “subjective beauty” bubble. . . on purpose.

I want to expose subjective beauty for what it is.

Subjective Beauty in a Nutshell – By Natalie

Subjective beauty isn’t bad in and of itself.  I’m sure it has been around since the beginning of time! In fact, I can just imagine Adam and Eve lounging on a few boulders overlooking some of the animals in their care when Eve asserts that armadillos just really aren’t her thing. They’re scaly and oddly shaped and she would rather chill with the chipmunks. Adam, however, finds her taste confusing because chipmunks seem rather worthless and annoying, while armadillos are fascinating!

… Okay, so I got a little carried away with the story. I almost included hawks and leopards, but I refrained. But the point is that subjective beauty is in the “eye of the beholder” as the saying goes.  It is a preference, not an absolute.

Subjective beauty is also highly influenced by culture. What 21st century Americans find beautiful in a person in general, is probably significantly different from what the 17th century  Chinese found beautiful. 

Why, then, is it so easy to combine everything on the flow chart into one big blob? We make subjective beauty synonymous with objective beauty and this synonymous with value. 

Value is so much deeper than subjective beauty; it is much deeper than “beauty” itself.  Your Value {and mine too} encompasses all that we are! All that God sees in us, all that He created in us.  We sell ourselves short when we limit our perception of our worth to something as minute as subjective beauty.

P.S. I’m going to go a little more in-depth with the whole “cultural influence” thing a little later this month, but I just want to give a little tidbit here to make my point a little clearer. 

P.P.S Click here to see my “31 Days” introductory post. 


  1. LOVE this post! I want to frame some of these words and quote you for Sydneys room! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks friend! P.S. If you need any help with baby Sydney's room, let me know. My painting clothes have sadly been unused for ages! ;-) I've been loving your "31 days" posts as well.

  2. (whoops, haven't changed my Google name.) Love, Aurora Vilchis. ;)


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