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Happy 89th Birthday!

Posted on: 2.25.2013

Yesterday would have been my Grandma Bea's 89th birthday. She passed away almost 13 years ago; it's amazing how long ago that feels. To celebrate her birthday my dad suggested that we take a day trip to my grandparents' grave-site -- my Grandpa passed away almost 7 years ago.

We packed up a picnic lunch and headed down to L.A. for the day... it was a B-E-A-UTIFUL day.  I've hardly seen the city with so little smog! It really wan't a sad day at all. It was so fun to hang out as a family and to be able to decorate my grandparents' headstones with flowers and flags. I thought I'd share a few photos from the day.

The view of snow-capped Mt. Baldy from the grave-site. 
She was and is so loved! I have such sweet memories of her.
My grandpa. He is very loved too!
While we were there we reminisced and told animated stories.
 We practiced our "smolder." 
We stared in awe of the beauty of the day and fidgeted with our hands. 
And we took a total of two shots that weren't candid. :) (I'm bummed that we didn't get one with my parents actually facing the camera!) 

I hope you don't think this post is morbid! We had such a fun time celebrating the lives of our grandparents that we didn't focus much on the fact that they aren't with us now. So anyway, here's to my grandma... Happy 89th! 


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