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Sunday Currently {Four}

Posted on: 2.24.2013


Reading: Well, I am  kind of at a stand still with my reading right now. I haven't picked up Mary Barton in a week! Although, I suppose that is technically what I am currently reading.

Writing: Lots and lots of emails. Plus this blog post. 


Thinking: About some exciting stuff going on right now. (Mysterious, huh!?) And also about some really fun memories that I was reminded of while I sifted through some old pictures yesterday. The picture at the top of this post is one of those good memories. I think it was taken in 2008 or 2009... I cant remember! I'm on the far right. :)

Smelling: my vanilla-mint Yankee candle sitting on my desk. It's not even lit and it smells great.

Wishing: for this white rug.  I've been thinking about getting a nice white rug for my room for a while now... maybe sometime soon!

Hoping: to get a little extra sleep this weekend. I don't want to start the week out feeling as tired as I do now!

Wearing: Dark blue jeans, and a sweatshirt for now. I haven't figured out the rest of my outfit for the day yet... :)

Drinking: a glass of water. Coffee's brewing though!

Loving: The usual suspects: my family, of course.

Wanting: to have a coffee date with a few different friends sometime soon! Sometimes those are challenging to make into reality.

Needing: not much!

Feeling: a little bit overwhelmed by life. In a good way though!

Clicking: on nothing! I'm heading out of town for the afternoon and there's plenty to do before then so I'm avoiding all the temptations that "clicking" can bring. (Ahem, that means you, pinterest.)

Linking up with Lauren today.


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