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Welcome, 2013!!

Posted on: 1.01.2013

2012 was a HARD year.

The more I try to develop that statement in writing, the more I realize its truth and it actually makes me want to write about it less.  2012 was a milestone year for me academically and a trying year for me personally. Instead of writing all about the year, please enjoy this list of my most commonly thought or uttered phrases of 2012:

“Seriously, this professor is insane.”
“Actually, she’s making me go insane.”
“Oh, cool! There’s another hoop of fire to jump through before I can graduate.”
“I didn’t know it was possible to consistently pull all-nighters twice a week for months.”
“Well, now I know.”
“You’re getting married!?”
“I think I might live until finals week.”
“Look at that glorious light at the end of the tunnel!”
“I’m going to sleep for a month.”
“Wait, just kidding, I’m going to move.”
“I’ll miss you”
“I can’t believe my best friend is a Mrs.!”
“This is not what I expected.”
“What is God’s purpose for _______?”
“How can _________ be considered something that works for my good?”
“I have an interview tomorrow!”
“No, I didn’t get the job.”
“Nope, still not employed.”
“Thanks for your advice.”
“I’m OK.”
“Yeah, I’m living here, again.”
“No, I haven’t gotten a job since we last spoke.”
“Really, I’m trying.”
“I’m trying really hard not to get my hopes up.”
“I lied. My hopes were totally up.”
“I’ll be fine. How are you?”
“What. Is. Going. On.?”
“Actually, I’m starting to feel genuinely okay with life right now.”
“I think I’m finally coming out of this really rough season.”
“I know God has a plan and a purpose for my life.”
“I’m actively trusting in that.”
“I’ve been learning a lot.”
“I am looking forward to what lies ahead.”
“It’s so crazy not to have a plan!”
“Oh. Hey 2013!”
“I’m pretty stoked that you’re finally here!” 


  1. What a creative way to write about the year! :-)

    1. Thank you, Friend!
      I loved seeing you yesterday! :)


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