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I declare war on blank pages

Posted on: 1.07.2013

This picture has nothing to do with war or blank pages or writing but it's pretty nonetheless.
Lately I've been noticing something weird about writing: it is becoming difficult to go deep. I hope think it is  just a phase.  In the last week I have brainstormed about four topics that I want to explore in writing.  All four times I sat down to write with a full mind but the simple act of turning on my computer and opening up a word document drained my head of words.  I stared dumbly at the blank page for a while before I decided I'd much rather do something else.

While I'm happy to have a combination of lightheartedness and gravity in my writing, I am becoming frustrated with my recent lack of desire to write about substantial topics. So please excuse me, at least for today, while I figure out what is going on...

Oh! And an unrelated Post Script: I have something up my sleeve for next week! Stay tuned. ;-)


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