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I’m back! {I think}

Posted on: 12.29.2012

a semi-unrelated photo of last night's understated-ly glorious sunset
I didn’t really intend to take a break from blogging this month: it just happened.  I’ve noticed that it’s refreshing to take little writing breaks here and there because even though writing is something I love to do, it is nice to sit back and reflect instead of just producing!  In the last few weeks I spent the bulk of my time in Chico, California (my college-home of two years) staying with some family who live there and who I miss dearly!  Then I flew home and BAM it was Christmas.

I’m finally getting my feet back under me and recovering from all the celebrating.  The holidays are so fun and yet profoundly demanding of energy!
Posing for our annual Christmas morning photo... We weren't exactly awake yet. :)
Today is the first day in a while that has allowed for a leisurely morning and relaxed conversations with my family members.  As I type, there is a fire in the fireplace, Christmas music playing (who says it has to stop the day after Christmas!?), and I just started reading Dickens’ “The Tale of Two Cities.”  

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas festivities and are looking forward to an exciting new year! 


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