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My life lately {In a nutshell}

Posted on: 9.24.2011

This post brought to you by Natalie's non-contemplative side.

I've just spent an hour or so too much time going through my blogs from the past. It's always fun to go back to the beginning of this blog {which was the summer after I finished high school} and think of all that I have experienced since then. It's kind of a mind trip.
Anyway, I've noticed that recently I've been so contemplative on my blog that I haven't been very real. And, I think that years down the road I'll want to remember the blog-worthy events of my life too! Not just the blog worthy {or so I think} thoughts.

So here are some random bullet points from my life in the last couple months:

  • I have 21 units this semester.
  • 3 of which are an internship through the City and the Housing Authority.
  • I live VERY simply because I only make enough money each week to fill my gas tank.
  • I enjoy taking back roads and side streets through Chico so I can sing a little longer before I reach my destination.
  • I'm learning the art of cuponing. {I'm not even close to those crazy TLC people though.}
  • I spend gazillions of hours reading for classes. Sometimes I feel like my brain will explode.
  • My 6:30am Bible study started back up again. LOVE IT.
  • I discovered I don't like doing quantitative research. {yuck.}
  • I actually like protein shakes now, as long as they're chocolate flavored.
  • For fun, I've taken to hanging out at a secluded park with my Tommy Bahama beach chair, coffee, and a book of my choosing.
  • I've discovered that Wilkie Collins is a fascinating and gripping storyteller.
  • I find painting my nails to be a fun and brainless way to take a quick study break.
I really meant it when I said that this list would be random.


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