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Stress and other random topics. . .

Posted on: 3.18.2009

Some of the greatest conversations happen around the table at Starbucks over an iced caramel Macchiato. The most recent conversation I had was with Felisha and Caily, the topic: stress! Each phase of life is stressful; it seems to fall into the category of the human condition. In looking at all the life I hopefully still have to live this knowledge is quite ominous! It seems I spend more time trying to outrun the pressures of life instead of just embracing them and enjoying the moment. I don't want to outrun the pressures of life because when stress is escaped, life is forfeited. I'd rather just enjoy the moment. My new tactic for embracing stress is simply to laugh out loud! I encourage you to try it.

This first week back to school really hasn't been too bad as far as school. Unfortunately, I have contracted some sort of illness that has settled in my throat. So far it has kept me awake two nights in a row. It is most unwelcome.

On a completely random note, I went through my parent’s computer while I was at home for spring break and I found lots of old pictures! It was fun to take a jaunt down memory lane. I thought I'd share some:
Babysitting with friends: '07
Yosemite '06

Skiing! Sophomore year
My little cousin Ryen! '05?
My first driving lesson '05
Felisha's Grandparents house Freshman year?

Seattle '07

NYC mission trip '06


  1. I was completelly distracted by your opening sentence involving a caramel machiatto. Mmmmm.
    I hope you are doing well, and that if you have to encounter stress that your fun times with friends will be in much greater quantities than the not-so-pleasant times.

  2. I totally agree with your comment about embracing life, and stress too, instead of forfeiting all. You are so insightful!
    Greaaaaat pictures by the way


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