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Five Minute Friday: Stay

Posted on: 11.15.2012

I’m joining the Five Minute Friday crew today. Click here to see the rules!

Prompt: Stay

I have to say my natural inclination is to run. Not to physically run (as in to exercise...I wish!) but to figuratively run. I want to run from challenges, friendships, frustrations, etc. In fact, the current season of life is pushing this desire to its maximum. I want to leave this place that I’ve called home all my life. (Even though I’ve lived elsewhere, this has always been my home-base.) I want to run from some of the challenges that are present in my life right now.

Despite the urge to flee from trouble, I know that challenges and obstacles will find me wherever I go. And when it comes down to it, I would rather face those things knowing I’ve done as God led. Right now, He is leading me to stay.
Five Minute Friday


  1. I understand your feelings of running away. Don't. I rebelled and I will always regret so many things. Trust in God and abide in Him right now and He will teach you and prepare you for whatever's ahead. Prayers!

  2. Stay dear one stay. Saying prayers for you.

  3. How I understand that natural inclination, so well. Prayers for you

  4. Love your honesty...have had that season in life where I wanted to run and at times did, but I'm so thankful that God pursues those He that pursuit He will send storms and circumstances to ultimately bring you back to His loving arms and His purpose for your life. Stay close to Him, listen, learn what He has for you...take the time to see things from His perspective and above all else, pray!

  5. Love your honest heart. I know what you mean about running. I think all of us feel that at one time or another. It is easier than dealing with difficulties and challenges. But trust God and stay where he puts you. Stay close to Him. Trust in Him. Pray and Listen. You'll do fine.
    Have a Beautiful weekend,


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