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Be kind. {To yourself}

Posted on: 12.09.2012


Friday afternoon I had a few minutes in between commitments so I ran to Burlington coat factory to try on just a few things that my closet has been lacking.  Perhaps this shopping trip was one that the Lord planned specifically for my benefit because I had quite the epiphany while I was there.  In the fitting room no-less!

While I was trying on a few things, I heard a woman in the room next to me muttering to herself.  I will own up to the fact that I intentionally tried to hear what she was saying.  I have excellent hearing -- and I sometimes employ that skill to things such as eavesdropping. {I have no shame.} Anyway, this woman was muttering to herself some of the most hateful things. I was stunned by the strength of her language and the emotion behind her words. But most of all, I was stunned by the fact that she these hateful phrases were quite obviously directed toward herself.

Now I know that the fitting room often doesn’t bring out the best in people, but really? What good can possibly come of that negative and torturous self-talk?

Hearing that poor woman shred herself up was horrible to listen to, and now I really wish I had waited around the fitting room so I could pay her a compliment or maybe just give her a hug. (She probably would have been so creeped out…. Ummmm I heard you in the fitting room and I just wanted to say that you are beautiful!...... Beyond creepy, really.) But outside that, I felt so convicted. I have had those same thoughts about myself before. Her words have been my thoughts. 

And what good has ever come of those thoughts? Nothing.  Nothing at all!  In fact, that type of self-talk has been a strong and merciless enemy in my life. (Thankfully, I feel that I've been victorious in my battle against this enemy recently.  For the moment she’s splayed out face-down in the mud; and I’m pretty sure she’ll have a snazzy black eye for a while. Okay, that’s enough imagery.)

So here is what I’ve been thinking: BE KIND. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with tenderness and delicacy because you are beautiful. 


(Or handsome… if there are any men out there brave enough to read this estrogen-infused blog. You rock. :)


  1. Oh yes - learning to do be kind to myself. I have said a lot of hateful things to myself in a dressing room - or in front of the bathroom mirror. Then I read an article recently about moms of daughters needing to not call themselves fat, ugly, etc. and I thought that also pertained to moms of boys, too - for the same reasons and different ones.
    Also - I liked your imagery of the enemy in the mud.


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