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Wind, moods, and music

Posted on: 11.09.2012

The last two days have been a strange mix of rain, wind, and dynamic clouds.  I'm sitting here at my desk with a view out the front window, clouds are moving so swiftly that I can easily picture them marching in formation-- on a warpath of sorts. Our neighbor's trees are nearly bent in half with the violent gales.  And I'm here thinking: how fitting.


It's awesome.

In other news: How about a soundtrack? P.S. I love how I originally wrote the dates for this week as if we reverted back to the beginning of October! I didn't realize I had written the wrong month for a full three days!!

November 5 {Monday}
Cue music as I stand in the middle of my bedroom, one pile of clean clothes to fold and one mountain of dirty clothes to wash. Note the expression of annoyance and disbelief on my face.

November 6 {Tuesday}
Cue music as I drive home from the polling place...SO over the political debates, SO hoping for the changes I voted for.....

November 7 {Wednesday}
Cue music to the much needed FaceTime date I had with Felisha! This song just reminds me of our freshman/sophomore years of college. :)

November 8 {Thursday}
Cue music as I sit on the living-room floor introducing my little cousins to fun dance music. They labeled this song "weird" -- well I like it!

November 9 {Friday}
Cue music to the montage of wind footage.


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