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Posted on: 11.09.2012

A loooong time ago, before I consolidated my two blogs into the current platform, I used to join a writing exercise called Five Minute Friday {FMF for short:}.  I decided to give it a whirl again today because I have missed them. Click here to see the rules.

Prompt: Quiet 

Five months ago I felt a deep shift in my spirit.  I prayed, I thought, I prayed some more and finally admitted to those around me that I felt a deep conviction to leave Chico -- my home of two years -- and move back to Southern California for a time.  Beyond that step, I really had no further directions. 

Fast forward to the present. For five months I have not wavered in my knowledge that I was told to move. But since then, the Lord has been quiet. I have felt bereft, frustrated (even kind of angry) with God. Why on earth did He prompt me to make a huge move just to leave me hanging with no directions!?

Then this morning it hit me {hard. Like a blow to the nose that is instantaneously tear-provoking} I have become quiet too. In my anger, my prayers have tapered off. My anger has become a sullen, quiet anger.  Here I’ve been blaming God for his silence; perhaps I ought to focus more on mine.

Five Minute Friday


  1. I've only done 5 Minute Friday once before and decided to join in today - glad to be here! And I just happen to be in CA too - northern {near Sacto}. I think the time of waiting on God is the hardest and sometimes I think the waiting is all about helping us to learn patience in the midst of a very impatient world. I'll be praying that as you get back to prayer, God will give you clear guidance. Have a blessed day!!

  2. so true, I'm glad you joined back in the FMF fold.



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