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Soundtrack to real life

Posted on: 11.02.2012

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, my life would look just as glamorous if there was a perfectly spliced montage of film highlights accompanied by a  song to perfectly set the mood?

I have.

Thus, the “Soundtrack to real life” was born. Feel free to join me if you so desire! I ask only that you provide a link to my page.

*Update* You will most likely be required to download Spotify to listen to these...thankfully, Spotify is a program I highly recommend! 

October 29
Cue music as I walk out of the official courthouse after only 5 minutes of jury service, dismissal slip in hand and cheesy grin adorning my face. 

October 30
Cue music as I drive out of the drive way to turn in yet another resume. Only this time I actually REALLY want this job so I feel like it is my first time doing this, ever.

October 31
Cue music to my waking moment on a beautiful, clear, crisp, desert morning. (Oh, and Happy Halloween!)

November 1
Cue music to multiple camera shots of me cooking and baking for the company we hosted for dinner.  Fitting for this particularly melancholy day. {The dinner prep and the melancholy were separate events occurring simultaneously.}

November 2
Cue music to the many many many instances of my phone ringing… This is my ringtone. I used to love it but it feels a little worn out to me now!


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