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A slow transition

Posted on: 11.07.2012

In the last several years my family has become more health conscious.  My younger brother began a health and fitness regime about the time he was a freshman in high school and he successfully shred his puberty weight (it's a family curse). He felt, and still feels, so much more comfortable in his own skin! I have hovered around the same weight -- give or take a few pounds -- for the same amount of time.
I tend to gain weight when I live at home because I have access to much more food, and because we  have multi-dish meals. When I live alone I tend to make a big batch of one thing (example: split pea soup) and I eat it for lunch and dinner for days until it is gone. 
Now that I am living with my family once again, I have realized that my family's diet has changed some for the better! For instance, we have hummus far more often than we have sour cream. We use almond milk instead of dairy. And we almost never have ice cream or soda.
I often get really annoyed that my family doesn't just jump fully on-board with an eating regime such as the "whole foods" concept exemplified in the documentary Forks over Knives. But today I stopped to recognize the slow progress to healthier living that my family has made.
I am thankful for their willingness to change.

Also, they don't know it yet, but they'll be eating cauliflower pizza for dinner tonight! ;-)


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