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On life and perspective

Posted on: 11.16.2012

Flying is an experience I think everyone should have. The take-off is exiting but once you’re in the air you can see the daily life of others continuing on below. 18-wheelers on the freeway begin to look like minute insects and houses become little legos. I always marvel at the way human life looks so different from above: almost embarrassingly small. I do not mean to say that human life is meaningless, rather, in perspective to the universe it is just a minuscule occurrence.
I love looking down, seeing large cities turn into small pockets of civilization, and feeling so in awe of God’s immeasurable size. 
While in the air, I also love to look out at the tops of clouds. The billowing spread of white looks as close to heaven as I can imagine. It’s glorious to witness the workings of nature from a different perspective: one that humans have only been privy to for a short time.
When I flew to Portland, Oregon recently the plane descended into a barrier of these clouds.  From a high elevation, the clouds were stunningly beautiful but once I reached the ground, the view was grey.  The clouds no longer held the same type of magnificent beauty. They were simply clouds, ready to sprinkle on the runway at any moment. 
Isn’t this so typical?  I often feel like life is a cloudy grey sky. It has low visibility, it darkens one’s mood, and in my case, it makes me want to stay in bed all day.  But from another perspective (ahem, God’s maybe?) those same clouds I see from below are brilliantly white and full of promise. His cloud-filled sky might be the same as mine, but His perspective is perfect. 

November 12-16th


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