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For real, yo

Posted on: 11.28.2012

Last night my cousin, friend, confidante, ex-roommate/housemate, etc. and I had a texting conversation. We text fairly often so it wasn't a momentous occasion, it was just fun and normal, and totally unrestrained. It made me think: isn't it awesome that there are people in our lives who just love us?

We can talk about anything. {and we do.} {and no, we don't always agree.} {but that's okay.}

We can be real. The kind of real that experiences hysterical laughter, the ugly cry, and everything in between.

We can make no sense to anyone but our strange selves. (The image above is exhibit A. Believe it or not, this particular conversation got a lot weirder. I only posted the mild stuff. ;)

We are free to do these things because we know the other will continue to love us. That is what true friendship is. So here's a big thank you to those in my life who fit the description above. You know who you are.


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  2. I laughed until I cried, and then I laughed again.
    I cannot believe you put that conversation up on your blog...but then again, I can, because I know you. You're gutsy, too. I talk about unfertilized eggs, you post spunk nugget on your blog.

    I love you so much. Thank you, also, for filling your description of me in my own life.

    Also, you got a TWITTER? You must not be in college anymore...right on. I'm highly envious.
    Today, Caleb called a whole string of birds on a telephone wire a 'twitter' and wondered if it was bird-style speed-dating. Just thought you'd like to know.


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