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A post in which I ramble about belongings, bedrooms and other topics.

Posted on: 9.06.2012

I didn’t expect to move back in to my old room at my parents house. Which means I didn’t spend any time over the last few years preparing my old room for the onslaught of stuff it would have to incorporate! I’ve always tried to keep a moderate amount of belongings. I don’t hoard; I have regular purging sessions, and yet somehow I have quite the room-full!  I think part of the problem is that I own a lot of “house” stuff from my home in Chico.  These belongings aren’t cheap dorm-room items, but nice glasses, dishes, and other things that aren’t specific to a bedroom. 

When I first moved back, I kept all the small, home-depot cardboard boxes lined up against the far wall in my bedroom.  It seemed just a little too overwhelming to jump into. (Not to mention, slightly emotionally-charged.) The ensuing weeks convinced me that something had to be done.  I couldn’t live with a life-size cardboard box jigsaw puzzle forever. So I began to slowly go through the boxes, combining my two material lives as I went along: the life I’ve lived in my own home, and the life I’ve lived in my parents’ home.  The process has been slow and I can’t say I’m done.  But I have created for myself a live-able space.  I’m feeling much more comfortable here.  This is a corner that I’m particularly proud of:

It’s a comfy reading corner.  I’m using it as a tool to help me have self-discipline in more areas of my life.  More on that later. :)


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