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Posted on: 9.10.2012

I spend a good deal of time reading. Whether I’m browsing the most recent articles on my internet home screen, sifting through the many blogs I can’t seem to leave alone, or indulging in a gripping novel I often end up thinking about the author.  Perhaps my mind wanders to the lives of other writers because I also love to express myself in writing.  I know my writing is imperfect; I’m perpetually dissatisfied with it.  I post only about half the material I write because of I harbor a blend of insecurity about my ability and frustration with my lack of eloquence.  Yet, I am still drawn to write and therefore I think about the art of writing, those who write, and the passion that bonds us.  

One trait I have noticed as a theme in the lives of authors I admire is discipline. The more I look at creating a life habit of discipline; I realize that discipline can have so many forms.  Like clothing, it never looks identical on any two individuals.

So I’ve been thinking, what habits should I change in order to feel that I live a life that is disciplined.  I certainly do not wish to fall into legalism and religiosity, but I am convinced that fostering habits of discipline in my life will only benefit me.  I’m still working through the practicalities of this balance in daily life.  Here are the rhetorical questions I’ve been asking myself: What does discipline look like on me?  In what ways will living a more disciplined life increase my ability to glorify the Lord?  

Still don’t have many answers. But it’s a process, you know. I’m just mulling it over. 


  1. I think discipline is one of my favorite words :)

  2. Thanks for following Ren! I'm sure discipline will be a large topic in the near future, so I'm glad it's a topic you enjoy! :)


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