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Who is this?

Posted on: 6.06.2012

I’ve never been one who easily shows emotion.  I’m a pretty even-keel, steady, non-dramatic person. I have therefore, been highly confused the frequency with which I find myself in tears recently. Who is this? Whatever happened to that practical Natalie who avoids outbursts of any kind?

My heart and mind have always been very separate entities in my life. My heart knows that it will be trumped by the mind. It’s just the way it is. Recently, there has been a shift in balance between the two.  While there used to be a radically disproportionate balance with the mind cutting the heart off at every turn, there is (for some reason) a leveling effect occurring.

I’m now navigating my way through strange times of strong feeling. I find that my heart that refuses to be overshadowed by so-called practicality any longer. 

And to be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure how to deal with it! 


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