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Motherhood should come with. . .

Posted on: 5.07.2011

A post in five minuts. {Okay, it actually took me about 15.} A post that is free of edits/revisions/and too much analysis. A post that reflects my "gut reaction" to the writing prompt:
"Motherhood should come with. . ."

Motherhood should come with an award showcase. To enclose and display the honors bestowed on her by the three children she has raised/is raising well.
Awards that commend her patience with children who have minds of their own. Her patience with the whiplash of their ever-changing dreams and expectations for their futures. Patience with dishes and laundry and all the other tasks which motherhood imposes upon her in large proportions. Patience with the late-night phone calls: the tears and ramblings on the other end.

Awards that commend her presence. For working all throughout my life, yet never being an absent parent. For choosing to attend all the dance rehearsals, and soccer games, and baseball games, and parent teacher meetings, and award ceremonies instead of catching a much-needed nap or accomplishing another task that was waiting for her.

Awards that commend her example to her children and to the scores of students who she’s influenced throughout the years. Her example of faith in the Lord, her example of what it means to be a wife, her example of how to pull harmless pranks (:-)), her example of how to give of oneself.

(Yes, I know it's Saturday. Better late than never!)


  1. Hi Natalie. I'm late too (lol). Just joining in on five minute Friday. I love your post..."patience, presence and example". Perfect words to describe what motherhood is :)

  2. My awards are kept in a box, inside that box are the Mother's day gifts made of plaster, and noodles, and cards that start M is for... Don't have a heart to get rid of those awards, yet.


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