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Five Minute Friday: Deep Breath

Posted on: 5.13.2011

Linking Up with Lisa-Jo for a five-minute post. No edits, no revisions, no worries. Love this!
Inspiration: "Deep Breath"

Flurries of papers: a student’s output. Question of how to be creative, original, unique, and correct – to give them what they want. In order to get what I want: the ‘A.’
I grow weary of the input and output of education. Of learning the ways of the world, and analyzing.

Always analyzing.

Seventeen weeks of tunnel vision: focus, focus, focus on the light at the end. The little glimmer of hope that whispers “well done, relax, it’s summer.”
I am almost there. I can make it. Through all the coffee, all the late nights with my nose in a book, all the underlining, highlighting, ‘copying’ and ‘pasting,’ quoting, and citing. Through all the tears, and bleary-eyed interactions, impromptu speeches, and late-night library visitations. I am almost there.

Deep Breath. . .


  1. Love this post. Mainly because it takes me back to my college days and late night paper writing. Good luck!!!


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