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Posted on: 8.18.2010

Everyone has read or heard of the verse which says “love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Lev 19:18). Although I am fully aware that this verse does not speak solely about geographic neighbors, I find that it may become a verse which I need to pay special attention to in regard to my new neighbors. Our cute little “cottage” home is situation on a cozy street in Chico that also houses many young men whose pleasures are not what they ought to be.

I’ve had the honor of an invitation to a fake block party, and numerous BBQs. And while it is very considerate of them to extend the invitation to include me and my roommates, I feel like the main dish at these functions is not likely to be meat.

I have hope that many of these guys can be upstanding men that I can respect. But my experiences up until now have not been entirely positive. The guys I have met in passing so far seem to bring out my prickly side. . . and that is a side of me that I’m not fond of. Henceforth I will endeavor to be kind and firm and, well, neighborly!


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