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Class: Day 1

Posted on: 8.23.2010

Today was the first day of class. Yes class; singular. I only have ONE class this semester! It’s such a change from any other semester! I’ve always carried a full load of classes, and this last summer was the first time that I didn’t take inter-term courses as well. I have every intention of being a full-time student again next semester at CSU Chico, however, that whole dilemma is an entirely different blog post to be written at another time.

I’m currently a student at the local Junior College (yet again, grrrr!)and I am taking one math course. My first impression of my professor is that there is a striking similarity between her and Mrs. Fowl in Jimmy Neutron, the children’s television show! She’s eccentric and animated and has even invented sound effects to accompany several math strategies! I spent a good deal of the class repeating this in my head: “don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh!”

In the 50 minutes I spent in her class, she used an entirely new vocabulary to me. A quantity that is squared is called a heffalump! (Example: (x+y)^2 is a heffalump^2. Don’t ask me why! I don’t know.) To “cancel” out fraction and still have a factor of 1 is a Shizzam, and to “cancel” out a fraction to yield a zero is called a poof-gone.

What a character!


  1. I am laughing though equally perplexed about your prof. Shazzam!


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