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Week 1

Posted on: 8.14.2010

Today marks the one week anniversary of my move to Chico. As I mentioned in my last post, it has been quite a transition! I’ve moved from the barren desert to rich farmland. Everywhere I turn there are orchards of almonds, walnuts, and various fruit. The little peach tree in my backyard was even able to muster up one cute little peach to greet us this week. (Either that or some neighbor jumped the fence and stole all the others! I pray that’s not the case!)
I hadn’t noticed how much I value open space until I came here to find hearty vegetation blocking the view upward and outward. I suppose it won’t be too hard to get used to it because it really is quite beautiful.
Another marked difference between Chico and home is the farmer’s market. I think there’s a farmer’s market going on six days a week up here! It’s just normal to go to the market to buy local produce . . . I love it! My designated shelf in the fridge is overflowing with edible greens! Yum!
I’ve also started a workout regime with Adria and Aunt Penny at a nearby fitness center and I’ve works out several muscles that have been dormant for far too long! I’m feeling sore, but good knowing that I’m actually doing something proactive about food intake and weight loss etc.
Nearly every day has been full to the brim of activity which has been tiring but helpful in that it doesn’t allow me to meditate on any little twinges of home-sickness. When I first moved to San Diego, homesickness hit me around three weeks into the semester, so I guess I’ll get back to you on this topic in a couple weeks!
I also have been trying to get a job up here. So far, the search has been fairly half hearted due to all the newness of life up here. But today I began my search in earnest! I’m really hoping to be hired at a cute little shop in downtown that sells dishes and soap and chocolates and imported cheeses! Seriously, can any job seem more perfect!? I’ll promise to keep you updated about that if you promise to pray for me.

My little sunflower!




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