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A post without a point

Posted on: 5.03.2010

I often feel like the times when I'm in the bloggiest* of moods. . . I can think of nothing world changing to say. I know this sounds freakishly geeky but I read blogs a lot! I enjoy them. It's fun to see what the rest of the world has to say in a creative and artistic way.

I've found that there are so many amazing women out there who work and/or go to school, have a husband and kids, and STILL manage to decorate their houses, create a photography website, bake delicacies, change people's lives, and BLOG about it all! It almost makes me want to throw in the towel as I doubt I will ever accomplish such feats. . . but then where would I be? Blogless.

And that would be sad to me. There's a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from writing a blog. Just the knowledge that it CAN be read by other people is exciting. So here I write, without a purpose. . . simply for the sake of posting a blog and sending out into the blogosphere with a little piece of my current state of mind.

*Bloggiest: The emotional state of wanting to blog.


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