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Posted on: 5.11.2009

I'm sitting at work right now studying for finals. I have partially been looking forward to finals week because it means that my schedule has much more unstructured time than normal, which is kind of fun every now-and-then! Unfortunately, I believe I have already started loosing my mind due to excessive studying!
True Story:
This evening I decided to take a short nap before I got ready for work. I got in bed around 7:45pm. The next thing I remember, there was a loud noise coming from the door. I bolted out of bed and stared at the clock (with wild/panic stricken eyes) which read 8:36. Now to a perfectly sane mind, this makes perfect sense: I had been in bed for about 51 minutes. But apparently I was not in a state of sanity because I thought that I had slept through the night (and my graveyard shift at work) and had also missed my first final. This sent such an adrenalin rush through my body that I could no longer stand and I began shaking like a leaf. My roommate spent quite a while trying to persuade me that I really had only been in bed for an hour. When that realization finally hit me, I spent the next twenty minutes laughing off the rush of adrenalin.
In my opinion, this story makes a statement about the unbelievable pressure that is on college students to perform well on their finals! Minds just aren’t quite normal when they’re under this level of stress. In my personal case, I also realize it may not be in my best interest to watch murder mystery movies before I fall asleep either. Perhaps I shall take that into account next time.
I think That’s all for now!
P.S. There is a HUGE insect here in the welcome center. I can hear it flying around and bumping into things but I haven’t actually laid my eyes on it. Rest assured that if it happens to be another gigantic moth I will promptly evacuate this little cage of a building. That’s a promise.


  1. I love you...and FYI, ive done that before...except I was at home and got REALLY mad at my dad for letting me sleep till the next morning as "I HAVE HOMEWORK" only slept for an hour...


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