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Implications of an overly active mind

Posted on: 3.25.2009

My mind runs 12 million miles a minute. I've calculated it out. Now, that doesn't hold true when I'm actually trying to do a math equation or when I'm trying to come up with a witty retort on-the-spot. But I tell you, the second I have quiet, my mind runs wild!
I frequently have "what-if" moments where I am simply doing a normal every-day thing when out of nowhere I come up with a random and semi-plausible situation. For example: *I'm sitting at my desk, studying for my Human Development test (which is TOMORROW) and I suddenly hear a deep rumbling noise underground. I scream "EARTHQUAKE", grab my computer and flee. Unfortunately, my computer is still connected to the wall and I stumble as I try to yank it out by force. And while I'm preoccupied I trip over the floor fan and face-plant into the fuzzy green rug.* This is a thought that I really had. You can ask my roommate, she will testify to its truth because I was forced to tell it to her after I had spontaneously erupted in laughter.
Another problem with my mind is that it doesn't relent when I'm trying to sleep. Take now for instance, I'm sitting in bed, without anything to do but fall asleep. But here I am . . . blogging. No offense, I love writing blogs, but it isn't high on my priority list tonight. Or should I say this morning as it is now 1:00am.
One thing that does help an overly active mind is something monotonous. Something that doesn't require much thought but just enough to keep the mind from creating too much havoc. Because of this truth, I have taken up knitting! Check out my FIRST attempt:

Notice the way it expands in width, that's not supposed to happen. Also, check out the gaping hole in the bottom right corner, that's not supposed to happen either. And while we are in an analytic mood, lets also recognize the unusual hand motion. I don't even know what's going on there.


  1. Hi,

    You've a really great blog. A lot of people usually do not fully grasp what mind power can do to one's good results.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment! :)
    It's true that the mind is capable of so much. (Especially when in overly-tired, and overly-stressed mode!)


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