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Posted on: 3.23.2009

I first heard of the “Twilight” book series last year while walking through Barnes & Noble with a friend. When I asked her what they were about she said “They are vampire love stories.” That was all I needed to know before I resolved never to read a word. I have even openly laughed at my acquaintances that do read these novels.
I was finally able to see the movie this weekend. I must admit that I was quite anxious to see this movie that has caused such a stir among girls and young women (maybe even guys) all over the country.
Unfortunately, I thought the movie/story line was downright ridiculous! There were a few “good-feeling” parts like the time when he saved her life, and the other time that he saved her life, and then the end when he saved her life. I’m not sure if that sounds repetitive to you, but it sure does to me.
I actually laughed out loud at some parts because of the absurdity. My favorite line was from Edward, the leading male character; he told the leading female, Bella, that she was like his own personalized brand of heroine. (This was said to describe how tempted he was to eat her.) If I was in her shoes I definitely would have turned around and ran forever. I most assuredly would not lean in for a kiss. But that’s just me.


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