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I blinked!

Posted on: 5.25.2013

Sometimes life seems to swoop down out of nowhere, pick me up by my ankles and fly off! **A pitiful little visual for how busy I feel.** Oh, and the word ‘busy’ always makes me cringe. That is fodder for another post, though. Moving on! 


This morning I woke up and thought, “I’m going to take some time to write my heart out, it feels like it’s been a while.... maybe a little over a week?” So I log onto this little space to find it’s really been almost three weeks. Wow. I am so glad I never committed to the Blog every day in May challenge that so many of you bloggers are doing. 

Instead I’ve been doing things like: going to work, seeing friends graduate from college, taking a class, nannying, squeezing in a bit of sleep, and forgetting to write it all down. Such is life. 

So I’m off to go catch up on all the blog reading I’ve been missing out on the last few weeks. I’ll be back soon! :)


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