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Sunday Currently {Five}

Posted on: 3.03.2013

Since my last post on Tuesday, I have thought during the days... I should at least write a little bit for the blog tonight! But then inevitably the evening would roll around and I'd get home from work (!!) feeling pretty tired and basically the last thing I wanted to do was look at another computer screen.  This is something I'll have to work through as I adjust to working full time and fitting in all the other things I want to do in life! Although I've always appreciated the weekend, I have appreciated it quite a bit more this week. :)

So anyway, I'm going to jump into the Sunday Currently series again! Linking up with Lauren. Check out her blog and read all the other link-ups! It's so fun to see all the different things going on in the lives of other blogger friends.


Reading: A textbook about a specific type of project management and its implementation. Glamorous, I know.

Writing: emails, texts, and this very blog post. :) I think this is a pretty standard answer! How can e-mails pile up so quickly!? Jeez.

Listening: To the WIND. Anyone who has lived in the High Desert knows how windy it can get. Right now, I can hear it through the chimney and every once in a while it gusts so forcefully that it sounds like a scream. Freaks me out.

Thinking: So many things right now. Good, bad, scary, happy: There are so many things going on in different people's lives right now. It's like I hardly go through an hour without hearing some big news flash from some corner of my relational world.

Smelling: um.... wind? yes, wind has a smell.

Wishing: I had enough energy to finish off my to-do list for the weekend. (Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.)

Hoping: That this week goes smoothly. I'm feeling a little more comfortable at work now, so that's nice. It's always hard to be the new person!

Wearing: Black leggings, a peach lacy shirt, and a white sweater. I haven't changed since I got home from church, but you can be sure that I'll be in sweats and a sweatshirt very soon.

Loving: These leggings! They are nice and thick. Not the see-through kind like my other pair! ugh, let me tell you it's so fun to realize your pants are see-through when you're in public! Oh, hey, you can see my polka-dotted underwear through these. Hooray.

Wanting: To join a spinning class. I need to work out!

Needing: see the second sentence of my previous answer.

Feeling: windblown.

Clicking: around on spotify. I'd like to find some music that I can play at my desk. I've had The Piano Guys on repeat all week.


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