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It all starts with a whisper.

Posted on: 10.01.2012

I suppose I haven’t been out of college long enough to fully do away with academic writing. Every previous attempt I made to introduce my 31-day writing stint sounded too much like a thesis statement.  And a dull one at that.

What an ominous beginning! To start out this composition journey on such a dry note—I can just see it now: I make it to day three, burn out, cry a little, and give up.  But then I got to thinking.  This topic is important! It is one that has accosted my spiritual life repeatedly and while I may not be the most eloquent or the most informed on the topic, I am equipped with experience. 

So let me start out by unpacking some of my experience. {Deep breath-I’m about to share a piece of myself.}

I have always {always, always, always} had a hard time believing the fact that I am intrinsically valuable. For this, there is not one person whom I can blame apart from myself.  This is not an issue that originates from deep childhood afflictions. It is not a result of inattentive parents (believe me! My parents showered me with love and attention of the best kind.).  This is my own sin. 

In high school I fell short of “valuable” because I didn’t have the right body type. Because I didn’t have a fun personality (wait, says who!?). Because I didn’t have guys falling all over themselves to date me (in retrospect, thank the LORD for that.). Because I was an introvert. Because I cared too much about what other people thought of me.  And the list goes on and on.  

In college, I fell short of valuable for all the same reasons and then some! But, of course, I mixed more intellectual rationalization into the thought process.


These are all lies!

It is shameful to admit how thoroughly I have believed these lies. How much insecurity they bred in me.

I have, multiple times, spent a great deal of time sorting through myself looking for honest answers.  I want the truth! The best part is, that the Truth lives inside me and I’m listening for His whisper. 

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  1. Listening for that Whisper too, to drown out the lies.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I believed those lies my whole life and just now seeing how valuable I am. That the truth is I can simply be me and that in itself is so valuable. I too am hoping I don't give up after Day 3!

    1. I'm glad this topic connects with you too, Lucy! I'll be sure to check back on day three to make sure you're still going strong. :) I'm pretty sure the nester makes this a link-up challenge because most people feel as daunted by this project as I feel! We can do it!

  3. I live your honesty, and it was perfectly written too!


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