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Posted on: 9.14.2012

In a conversation I had recently with my closest friend, we discussed trials in life that we were unaware of before we found ourselves in the middle of them.  Although the two of us are going through different trials, both of us asked one question: why hadn’t we been warned about what was up ahead?
 Conversation over, I hung up the phone with a feeling of unrest; frustrated with those who could have warned me about this.  I wanted to proclaim my status as a victim.

Jump ahead a couple days.

I was listening to a young lady’s expectations of college--she would be moving into her dorm in just a few days.  She told me about her class schedule, the rigorous academic load she expected to bear, and the time it would take to finish her undergraduate degree.  I listened to her, heard what she said, smiled, encouraged, and bit my tongue.

I thought later about all that I wanted to tell {eh, warn} her about.  Having just completed my degree, and moved into new phases of challenge, I felt like my warning should hold merit.  But I didn’t warn her.  WHY? Shouldn’t she know that she would find herself changing in ways she didn’t realize were necessary? Shouldn’t she know that the person she is now will seem like a shadow of the person she will be in a handful of years? Shouldn’t she know that not all roommate relationships are full of rainbows and sunshine, that the motto “choose your battles” should be learned and adopted right away? Shouldn’t she know that some days she will be so exhausted from the two all-nighters she just pulled that she will want to shout in the face of the innocent person in the Trader Joes check out line who offhandedly remarked about the simplicity of college life? {Take a deep breath after that run-on!}  Shouldn’t she know that her worldview will be knocked about ten times ‘till Tuesday by ‘tolerant’ people? Shouldn’t she know that being salt and light will be one of the most challenging tasks in this time? Shouldn’t she know of all the other trials I went through just so she’s aware of the possibility of them happening in her future?


 Because the Lord is completing his work in her. The way the Lord worked in me over the last several years was a painful and joyous experience, unique to me.  She may experience some of what I did.  If that happens, I will {hopefully} be there to offer what wise and loving counsel I can. 

So that’s what I’ve come to.  Maybe this is why the particular trial I’m facing now wasn’t one that I was warned about.  But one thing is certain, I have been given a welcome abundance of wise and loving counsel.  The Lord is gracious to surround me with encouragement in my circumstances.


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