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Exploring Submission {part 1}

Posted on: 1.05.2012

Being both young and single, it might seem out of the ordinary to be so contemplative of the deeper parts of marriage. But to be honest, the tough marital subjects interest me about as much as do the sweet, light topics.

I’ve been thinking a lot about submission.

Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” {Ephesians 5 verse 24}

I’ve read this (and the rest of Ephesians 5) numerous times and when I fully contemplate submission in the biblical context I fully support it. Yet, in life, when I hear this verse spoken of, or even the phrase: “wives submit therefore . . .” I feel a little pang of revulsion in the pit of my stomach.

Immediately aware that my gut reaction is wrong, I try to cover it up with so much theology that I convince myself the feeling was never there to begin with. I think that this response to my natural reaction is likely to do me disservice in the end.

I would therefore like to spend some time on this topic. And perhaps create a little blog “series” to explore submission in the context of biblical marriage through the lens of a single girl living in the post-modern era.


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