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Gender Roles {Exploring Submission pt. 2}

Posted on: 2.04.2012

After writing the last post {a month ago!}  I began to realize there were many ways in which I needed some guidance on the topic of gender roles in the Biblical context.  I decided to do a bit of reading before writing more.  I chose to read the book by Tim and Kathy Keller entitled The Meaning of Marriage.  This book was unlike any other book I have read on the topic of marriage.  Its exploration of gender roles was especially helpful.  And, that particular chapter was written by Kathy Keller, which, for me, seemed to make the topic more palatable.

Although I’d like to continue to read about and mull over the topic of submission, and the purpose of gender roles in the context of marriage, I am going to be leaving this topic alone in the blog world for a while, at least.  Until I return to it though, perhaps I can convince you to read The Meaning of Marriage.


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