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Heavy Heart: Seasons of Relationship

Posted on: 3.26.2011

I write often. Whether I'm copying down a great quote into my quote book, trying to compose something creative, or venting a burden out in methodical thought, writing is such a core part of who I am. One thing that has struck me particularly in the last year is that burdens relieved through writing can be a helpful reminder in the next time of trial. I can unload my heart onto a piece of paper, only to have the words speak back to me in the coming months. I obviously don't post these things on my public blog in general, but in this case I will post a segment of one such writing which has been relevant over and over throughout the year so far. It was written in the middle of September 2010.

Life certainly does come in seasons: not only the seasonal climate but the seasonal struggle of humanity. One point in particular that has been most acutely on my mind recently is that of relationship. Love, affection, devotion, compromise, and commitment all play essential roles in the health of any relationship. These relational components, however, are hard to grasp and even harder to maintain because participants in human relationship are fallible.

As I learn and grow, I see more poignantly the reality of relationship; the day-to-day trudging through hurt, frustration, bitterness, regret, and guilt. The absolute vulnerability that comes with giving away one’s fragile heart and the shattering that can result.

Perhaps it is just the age and stage of my peer group, but whatever the cause, hearts are breaking, lives are changing, and reality is setting in. Innocence and naivety are now no longer reasonable claims as cause of downfall. Most people my age are embarking on adult life with open eyes and guarded hearts. The first experiences of deep hurt have stung and scarred the previously unblemished heart.

It is only the true and unwavering love of a pure and perfect Christ that can redeem and piece together the fragments of the human heart! Lean in to His embrace.


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