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Teacher, When is recess?

Posted on: 2.11.2011

*This post was written -but not posted- on February 5, 2011*

I have many snap-shot memories of Kindergarten. Sitting on the multi-colored rug in the middle of the classroom, listening to Mrs. Bamford read a book, watching a boy in my class (I don’t remember his name) squirm all over the place because he was tired of sitting, looking over at a girl named Suzie, who I wanted to be like. I remember the overwhelming feeling of restlessness—not because Mrs. Bamford was a poor teacher, but because I couldn’t wait to do something else. I wanted craft time, recess, snack time, or nearly any other activity than sitting on that rug.

 I hope I'm a little more mature than that little kindergarten girl, but It seems I'm still very much the same.  I still want to move on to the next phase, stage, whatever you want to call it. I want to be done with the present because honestly, the present just seems overwhelming. There are too many thoughts, too many things to process, sort through, and organize into cohesive ideas in the present. Sometimes, I just want to raise my hand and ask “Teacher, can I go to recess now?”


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