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Consume me like a fire 'cause I just want something beautiful

Posted on: 1.19.2011

I’ve already revealed my thoughts about this coming semester {or this next season in general} in a previous post. And waves of reality are beginning to wash over me. This time in life is short, and sweet, and incredibly hard! Sometimes I want to run for cover, drop all the heavy {and pricey} textbooks and flee from it all. Move to Italy, or find employment on a cruise ship and see the world—anything to get away from the load of this current life.

This season, I’m finding it hard to remain solid, unwavering, grounded. In spite of the constant support of family, friends, and other loved ones I continue to feel incredibly raw about life in general. An uncertain {but still promising?} future is ahead as I begin the descent of my college education. I thought for certain that I’d “have it together” by now, but direction still eludes me. As my cousin Adria said this evening, “I am barreling headlong into who-knows-what.” I just hope it’s something beautiful.


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