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And then it struck me

Posted on: 1.22.2011

I was about 16 when I began compiling a quote book.  I continue to fill it with verses, phrases, and quotes from any book or author.  It is great fun {to me} to look back through it at times to remember what quotes have struck me as quote-worthy in the past.  I'll admit, it is currently dominated by John Piper. {He's just so quotable!} One such quote I read from the book Future Grace by Piper. . .  I hope it inspires thought in you as it did to me!

      "To be sure, there is unconditional grace. And it is the glorious foundation of all else in the christian     life. But there is also conditional grace. For most people who breath the popular air of grace and compassion today, conditional grace sounds like an oxymoron- like heavy feathers. So, for example, when people hear the promise of James 4:6 that God 'gives grace to the humble,' many have a hard time thinking about grace that is conditional upon humility."
Conditional upon humility,

upon humility,



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