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Before 2011 kicks the bucket. . . .

Posted on: 1.04.2011

My 2011 Resolution is to Grow where I am planted. I want to be someone who THRIVES! I don’t want to just live day-to-day without passion and joy. So, in order to help myself out, I’ve decided to create a 2011 Bucket list. (Inspired by Felisha’s Blog.)

Here are some small things I’d like to accomplish this year:

Go to an IKEA

Dress up one day for no real reason

Spend a day in Paradise (the town)

Bike through Bidwell Park

Go on a picnic

Plant a sunflower

Go to the movie theater by myself (and watch a movie!)

Be in a Flashmob

Eat something I’ve never eaten before (Exclusions: tongue, liver, and mushrooms of any kind.)

Bake a cake from scratch

Volunteer at the women’s resource clinic in Chico

Make at least one friend in each class

Read a book by an author I’ve never heard of

Lower my “ten-foot poll” (Just a little bit)

Sleep under the stars


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