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Posted on: 10.15.2010

Blogging is my artistic release. When I am most overwhelmed with thoughts, my first instinct is to write about it! Sometimes though, I can’t find time to blog, and my thoughts clog up like an unused ketchup bottle. It takes some pounding on the base of the bottle to get cohesive thoughts to form. So, here it goes:

Fall still hasn’t decided if it wants to come to Chico yet, but I’m praying that it’ll hurry up and decide! Here is a picture of a nearby street; I want to keep track of the color changes through the autumn.

I’ve loved living so near my cousins. We have some awesome moments.

And last blog topic for the day: my cousin Autumn, who is the closest thing to a sister to me, pledged her life to another this weekend. Everything about it was beautiful.


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