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Posted on: 9.07.2010

This is my ONE HUNDREDTH blog.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to do a “blog in review” post.
Over the last 100 blogs I have:
moved 3 times
Changed my hair color 3 times
Changed my major 5 times (I am not proud of this one.)
Completed 85 college credits
Driven across the western region of the United States
Lost contact with many acquaintances
Made new ones
Read life changing books
Returned to Jr. High for a year of leadership
Had many, many, many conversations about the future
Critically reviewed popular media
Held 4 jobs – (Pray that it will soon be 5 for my savings account hates me!!)
I know there are more . . . but they are eluding me at the moment. I suppose I’ll just continue to edit this post as I think of additions.
Thanks to all who have actually read my unceasing banter and still love me.
Much Love,


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