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It's hard to blog at home!

Posted on: 6.26.2009

The busyness that I experience at school is different than when I'm home. When I'm at school, I am usually in class or in my room. Almost all homework assignments include the use of a computer so I find it much easier to blog about this and that. At home, however, I find I am on the computer WAY less, therefore I post fewer blogs. Don’t give up on me though!
Recent happenings:
My family went to mammoth for five days. It was beautiful and relaxing. You can check out pictures on facebook, or simply wait for the next video. (Who knows when that’ll be!?)

I am taking two online art classes through Victor Valley College -- more on that later.

In two days, Felisha and I will find ourselves at Thousand Pines Christian Camp as Jr. High camp counselors. I’m very excited!!

I got my old job back at the Island coffee shop. =) Hooray!!

Summer has seemed to be as scattered as this post. I guess I’d better get used to it!


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