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Time Flies

Posted on: 2.27.2009

Today I managed to accomplish a nearly impossible feat: I finished my homework by 7:30pm! I am still in awe! When I finished I certainly did not want to just sit around and do nothing, and I especially did not want to start on my homework for next week. Instead, I decided to create another video. . . this one is in memory of the Greece trip. I've been thinking about it all day so I decided to make this video. (That's two in one week folks!) It is a pretty rough cut and the pictures go by quickly because I didn't want to bore you all with long dramatic pictures of ancient ruins.

Just a few notes to read BEFORE watching the video:

  • As always: Turn the music off at the bottom of the page.
  • Keep in mind that the man I'm posing with in about the middle of the video (in the tan sweater) was the owner of a pottery shop who told me that I must chose between him or his brother, as neither of them were married, and that I must take a picture with him and kiss him on the cheek. Wait, I mean cheeks! (As in plural) It was entirely awkward and I was fairly FREAKED out by this greasy old Grecian man who had a serious 5 0'clock shadow that was quite painful to "kiss!" However, the experience did give me an awesome story to write on my future blog!
  • On a more serious note, some of these ruins were places that the apostle Paul actually walked on! I walked in Paul's footsteps. Amazing.


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