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Wrapping Up!

Posted on: 12.10.2008

The end of my first semester of college is rapidly approaching. Can you believe it? I can! The only thing between me and my vacation is finals week. I don’t know if I should wish for it to be already behind me or for a few more weeks of study time, but no matter what . . . it is coming! This is just something I should get used to. I have a final every day except for Thursday, and I have two on Friday. Your prayers would be appreciated.
I’m also finding it completely difficult to buy gifts this year! I believe that my lack of success is due to the shuttle. *Sigh* what I wouldn’t give to have my own set of wheels and a full tank of gas down here. But obstacles build character right? Right! Please be understanding if I don’t have a gift for you right on Christmas because the odds are. . . I won’t.
I most likely won’t be updating this for the next week or so due to finals, so hang tight!


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