"I dwell in possibility" ~Emily Dickinson

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Posted on: 8.01.2013


So I spend a lot of my days dreaming. Not the kind of dreaming that causes the absent, glazed over look. Or that keeps me from actually recognizing my surroundings.

It’s the kind of dreaming that goes on in the background. Just a soft purr behind-the-scenes.

Sometimes it becomes more evident though. At least to me. It helps to get through a rough day when I know that I can spend my ride home in silence to just let my mind wander around and bump into exciting ideas.

For the last (long) while my dreams have been centered on travel. Travel is like an itch. I just really want to indulge in a long back-scratch of travel. Say “Catch-ya-later!” to life and hop on a plane somewhere. Or a train. Or a mule. (Okay maybe not a mule.)

So on the weekends I spend time on the pinterest ‘travel’ board. (Which is one of the happiest places on the internet in my humble opinion.) Sometimes the images are so intriguing that they take me down a rabbit trail of research…. Next thing I know I feel like I basically went to Ireland for a few hours.

Research perpetuates dreams which perpetuate research. And now I’m stuck in this awesome cycle of fantasy (but almost) reality land. I don’t have a problem with this. It can stay.

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